4 Reasons to Volunteer Online

4 Reasons to Volunteer Online

We have already said here that many people are looking for and preferring remote stages because of the new coronavirus pandemic and all measures of social isolation and travel bans. But is it also possible to do volunteer work online? The good news is that YES, it is possible. And there are even some advantages to this. Check out more about it in this text!

Is it possible to do volunteer work online?

As mentioned above, it is possible to do volunteer work online, that is, remotely. In this case, volunteering has almost the same tasks as the activities carried out on the site, but they are adapted to the virtual environment.

All you will need is a device with internet access, a task, a goal, available time and, of course, the belief and the desire to bring about change in the world. That is, you can get involved in meaningful actions without having to get out of bed!

Reasons to volunteer online

Reasons to volunteer online

1. It is safer

Traveling involves some risks, even more so in regions in situations of social vulnerability, in which most of the volunteer work is done. Therefore, doing voluntary work online will provide you with much more security without leaving you involved in meaningful activities for the good of the world.

2. It will upgrade your resume

Online voluntary work will provide you with incredible experiences that will bring changes not only to improve your curriculum, but also to transform your life as a whole.

The experience you will gain will tell you much more about your character for employers (and in university selection processes ) than you can imagine! It will show that you care about the problems of the world, have the willpower and that you are not affected by the difficult times we are living in.

In addition, it is your chance to take advantage of the quarantine to develop new skills and also a new worldview. You can still meet new people (even if virtually) and start developing your networking.

3. It is cheaper and more flexible

When we talk about face-to-face volunteering, we are not always talking about cheap or free opportunities. In many cases, you need to pay for airfare or accommodation, for example.

In online volunteer work, however, there is no such problem, since you will be doing all the homework. In addition, you will still have more flexibility to develop your tasks, since, in many cases, there is no pressure to meet the stipulated working hours.

4. It’s a great example

By taking this initiative and informing friends, colleagues or family that these opportunities and activities are still functioning and that they have been adapted to the virtual environment, people will know that, even in times of social distance, it is still completely possible to help nearby communities or distant.

And, however banal it may be, it has to be the change you want to see in the world (after all, every clich̩ has its truth in it). It is important to remember that we have to actively promote change Рwe cannot expect an entity to do this alone.

Examples of online volunteer work

Volunteer teacher

Do you have any knowledge that you think you can share with people who have little access to information? In that case, you can volunteer online as a teacher in initiatives that seek to bring education to children, youth and adults!

You can, for example, teach English to underprivileged populations in Portuguese-speaking countries or else more diverse content for communities in other countries, if you have mastery in any other language!

Community development

You can help, from home, to develop communities in regions of social vulnerability. In this case, there are several areas in which you can act, either taking energy and water or helping to promote health and preserve the environment. Such work will make you feel that you have played a vital role in the development and maintenance of underserved communities.

Sustainable development

You can be a vital contributor to sustainable development in countries that are still exploring opportunities for sustainability.

Sustainable development is the act of meeting human development requirements while focusing on maintaining the functionality and integrity of natural systems. This is another area that you can help in many different ways!

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