4.0 AirDroid Renews Its Interface and Improvement The Sending of Files between Users

Until there is a formal system for making of bridge between Android and other operating systems (some day there it?) AirDroid is one of the best applications for this purpose. With it you can photos of the phone from the PC, wireless, mobile remote control, backup, record the screen and much more.

After many years in the arena, it is normal that added functions will have gone by attaching where good fit, by making inevitable a reorganization of the interface. This greater 4.0 update is very focused on that, reimaginar interface and rebuild it from scratch, centered in the usability and making use of the latest trends in design of interfaces as the bottom navigation bar.

Cleaner interface

The AirDroid interface in version wasn’t nor much less ugly. As much could be minimalist, as it was basically a single screen that is were stacking icons with the different tools available: file transfer, backup, find phone, record screen and many others.

This changes radically in AirDroid 4.0, which now has three tabs and three navigation buttons below. Instead of receiving an overdose of icons, you now receive a lesser and more digestible information sample. These are the tabs:

  • My devices: Displays the list of devices included in your account. Touching on them you can send messages, photos, music or any file directly.
  • Close: the redesigned screen to send files to nearby devices, even without an Internet connection.
  • Friends: It includes your contact with other Airdroid users list.

For its part, the bottom bar provides quick access to other three sections. They are as follows:

  • Transfer: It is the default mode and which contains the three previous tabs. It focuses on send files to yourself or other people.
  • Tools: It is the closest thing to previous versions of AirDroid, with a list of tools which should not have been included elsewhere. That Yes, the list is smaller, with just seven tools.
  • I: information about your account, how much data you’ve used and settings of the application.

The aesthetic change is completed with a new logo, formerly a paper airplane and it now remains but a lot more stylized way and who personally reminds me of a button to send message, inverted.

Send offline files

AirDroid allows you to send files to nearby devices long, but now you can also send files even without Internet access. What you do need is that the other person has also installed AirDroid, but you can send them a message so they install it quickly (so if you need Internet, of course).

This system works just like other similar applications. One of the devices creates a Wi-Fi networki and the other is connected to it. The Internet connection is not necessary and, in fact, while you are using the connection will be disconnected.

More control of what you share

With the amount of private information is available thanks to AirDroid, it is normal that you can worry about the security of your application. For example, all your notifications, and chat messages are relayed to a PC that you have linked.

In AirDroid you can now close all sessions in PC whenever you want, and web control and you want to enable or not the notifications on the desktop, from the Tools section. Another interesting option are alerts of connection, which alert you when another device is connected to your account and, therefore, has access to your information.