#36 Posture With the Squareness for When You’re Sitting

Have a stance that is incorrect when you are sitting can be very detrimental to your health. Takes notes of our tips to ensure that you avoid strains and muscle injuries.

A bad posture, whether sitting or standing, may be responsible for the emergence of various pathologies and diseases, such as scoliosis, hipercifose, hyperlordosis, lower back pain, tendonitis or disease of the musculoskeletal. But not only that. The fact that you don’t adopt a correct posture when you are sitting decreases the lung capacity, impairs the nervous system and the proper functioning of the intestine.

Sitting correctly not only prevents various health problems related to poor posture of the spine, as it favors the digestion, the respiration, intestinal transit, the health of the joints and of the ligaments. Take note of the tips Pic Solutions to maintain a posture with the door or window.

#36 Posture With the Squareness for When You’re Sitting 1



The column should be aligned but has bends in anatomy, in the cervical, thorax and lumbar that must be respected. The back should be straight, shoulders slightly back and your buttocks touch the chair.

This position may seem difficult because it requires support abdominal but with practice it is possible. To help, wrap a towel of medium size, place it along the back and lean back.

#36 Posture With the Squareness for When You’re Sitting 2


When you cross your legs is the overload of the hips, so when sitting, keep the legs apart to the width of the hips and the feet flat on the floor. The height of the chair should have the same distance between your knee and the floor, allowing the bending of the knees to 90 degrees – if necessary, use a footrest.


If you pay attention, it is possible to have the shoulders slumped forward. Avoid this position. Keep your shoulders back, relaxed, to prevent that force, the area of the neck, resulting in strains and muscle injuries. In addition, we remind that the head weighs about 5 kg, when tilted, the weight increases to 13 kg, so, to avoid overloading of the column, make sure that you have the head well-aligned with the monitor in front of your eyes.

In addition to the tips above, the Cip Solutions it is recommended that you practice an exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles, responsible for supporting the column, such as pilates or yoga.

#36 Posture With the Squareness for When You’re Sitting 3