10 Signs That Can Be Anorexia (and Best Forms of Treatment)

10 Signs That Can Be Anorexia (and Best Forms of Treatment)

Treatment for anorexia often includes therapy to improve the behavior in relation to food, and the acceptance of the body, and there may be need to take medications against anxiety and depression, and intake of dietary supplements to supply the need of nutrients of the body.

During the treatment, it is very important that the family be present to support the person and to understand the problems that she faces in anorexia nervosa. The treatment of this disease can be long, and may last for months or years, and it is common to have relapses in which the extreme concern with the weight back to the present.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder and psychological that involves signs like not wanting to eat, eat very little and have the obsession to lose weight, even when the weight is appropriate or below the ideal.

How do you know if it is anorexia

One of the indicators most important to the presence of anorexia is excessive worry in relation to diet and weight, which is seen as a normal level of concern for those who have anorexia, even when the weight is below the appropriate. Typically, the anoréticos have a personality more introverted, are more anxious and have a tendency to obsessive behaviours.


What can cause anorexia

Anorexia does not yet have a definite cause, but usually appears during adolescence, when the charges with the new format of the body increase. This disease primarily affects women, and can be related to factors such as:

  • Pressure from family and friends to lose weight;
  • Anxiety;

Individuals who have suffered some type of abuse or who are being charged too much by the society in relation to the body, such as the models, you have higher chances of developing anorexia.

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