“Zandert” at the Niddatalsperre

With a large walleye stocking, the excellent predator stock in the Niddatalsperre should be further developed and permanently remain.Indicator Editor Sean-Paul Perez visited dam champion Armin Hudetz and grabbed at the stocking on.

A secure future for walleye

Recently, over 1200 annual walleye were occupied at the Niddatalsperre. “The Niddatalsperre is seen not only as a technical system, but as a Habitat for various groups of organisms”, so the dam champion Armin Hudetz according to alltimefishing.

Restocking will be made especially in the autumn because the fish this time of year have a well-trained Mucosa (increased protection against parasites and infections).

“Zander, occupied at the Niddatalsperre are solely from the region–since the gene pool of the regional Pike which is best adapted to local conditions”, so next Armin Hudetz. The pike perch were supplied by fish-farming “Hostage” from Breitenbach/Herzberg.

Learn more: fish farming hostage, Tel. 06675-362

Through targeted trimming measures trying to support certain fish species and to optimize the increase of bio filtration (organic manipulation) in the dam. The organic manipulation is the control of the food chain in a stagnant waters. So a desired fish stock structure is created for the water quality, which includes improving the quality of water.

The pike perch seedlings will grow in three years to catch capable predators. To allow a reproduction in a natural way, every year in the spring with a cellar stone fortified twigs sunk so-called spawning aid, in the shallow water area of the dam. Here, mainly perch and Pike-perch find best spawning habitats that are used for reproduction. Armin Hudetz continues: “It is important to create appropriate spawning grounds because no significant success and sustainability is achieved only with restocking”.