Your Mobile Smartphone Etiquette – Here is Better in the Pocket

You’ve got your Smartphone always and everywhere accessible? Our Smartphone etiquette suggests: in some situations will remain but better off in your pocket. When you best don’t even take your phone in hand, you can learn more in our Smartphone etiquette!

Smartphone Etiquette for the Date

It is now so accustomed that people, where one is located, rumdaddeln on their phone. There are also situations where allowing best fingers from his mobile phone – on a first date with the new train for example. Otherwise, it’s also the last. More you can find in our Smartphone etiquette!

In a survey, Germans were asked 2000, what you can so not on a first date. Result: 97 percent of them are extremely disturbed at the first date of the phone tapping of the potential partner. Also the publishing status updates is seen as very off putting by 64 percent of respondents during the first Beschnupperns. Our Smartphone etiquette recommends that: while the Smartphone unpack courtship and it now reaches all Facebook, at the many cappuccino, is not. Who feels the Inner compulsion to post it, but should be short warp with the cell phone to the bathroom and from there then do give it all.

23 percent of the respondents disturbs alone the ringing of mobile phones and as many can it not, if the part is placed on the table next to the candle in decorative. And almost one in two, namely 45 per cent, don’t like it when her opponent reads the tumbling an SMS during the date. The Smartphone etiquette says: the phone turn off before the date! All attention is paid to the opposite. The potential partners might think else probably at the end of something else is more important than he.

Anyone who believes that he could score points with humorous photos or movies from the Internet with the ladies, wrong: almost a quarter of the women there don’t it says, men only every tenth person is really annoying’s mind. According to Smartphone etiquette is therefore on a first date: the most beautiful unplugged talk about himself and his hobbies, wishes, dreams and goals. Indicate interest. Compliments and above all: listen.

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