Yikebike – the Eco-Friendly Electric Bike

The YikeBike (sounds weird, but so is called) is an electric-powered high-techbike. Well, actually it looks more like a unicycle with help support.

The YikeBike is made entirely of carbon, weighs 10 kg but still, where the bulk of the weight back to lead battery is on the stream, according to sportingology. The wheel is namely operated with a 1kW electric motor and a battery (in 30 minutes this is fully charged) is sufficient for almost 7-8 kilometres. Thus the main application area of the YikeBikes should be clear, the city. Another advantage is that the bike can be folded and with the matching carrying bag such as in the Office took in 15 seconds along here.

Up to 20 km/h, you can speed up with the YikeBike. There is of course clear that one could not give up the necessary security features. In addition to the anti-centrifugal braking system, the wheel also has a complete street lighting with front and rear lights, and turn signals.

The YikeBike is a really great solution for the eco-friendly mobility in the urban jungle, but also its price. Between 3,500 to 3.900 euro the YikeBike will cost when delivered the first wheels of mid-2010. At the price the YikeBike will have unfortunately probably just as little success as the Segway.

There is more information about the YikeBike on the homepage of the manufacturer.