Y/C Camera

Here at home it’s novel the issue of baby monitor. I definitely had no luck, because the problem of lack of signal is actually a factor that has no solution in my apartment.

The cameras simply lose the signal from the door of my room inside. Put the base on my nightstand is something I never could do it.

So the camera of Manu, and Bruna, are at the entrance of my room. And ends up worth only to sound as if I want to see the image, I have to necessarily get out of bed.

How Bruna has sleep super heavy, do not wake up at night and call me if you need to, don’t worry a lot.

The problem is the Manu.

This not regularized sleep, wake up some nights for flu or even because he didn’t find the pacifier. And as with 4 months she had an episode of bad and be hospitalized without much explanation, left the family well scared I can’t relax if she is not well monitored, and I do look at each issue resmungada it to see if it’s okay.
Best sinning by excess of zeal in these cases.

I solved the problem of reducing the number of devices when I started using only the Angel Care for it ( see here). But despite all this technology, also has no sign next to my bed and is at the entrance of my room. And I was exhausted at having to get out of bed every noise that Manu did.

So I decided to use the only option I had left it would be through the phone via 3 g technology.

And finally, something worked perfectly without a hiss allowing me to see Manu and continue under the covers and even talk to her if I want to!

The system of company YIC-You in Control is the same as used in monitoring and security cameras. But in my case I have only Manu’s room which is where I intend to leave the two sleeping together as soon as possible. And soon I intend to put one more point in the room where they play most of the time.

The company has installed a camera in the room of the Manu without dirt, taking the wires through the wall for a channel and connecting the internet site super fast.

You can access the phone, tablet or PC and move the camera to find the ideal vision of any of these devices.

The image is perfect and still has for the night.

In the mobile application you can leave the sound turned on so if the baby cry you can hear at any time.

For example, in the case below I’m navigating on the screen of my iphone but above you can see the red stripe of the application running, and that means the sound is activated. Even with the phone in standby mode the sound is still open.

And to access the application just click over the red stripe:

On the screen of rest

And navigating in

The system is the most modern possible and has up to a microphone that you can turn on and talk to the environment where the camera is installed.

In addition, you can move the camera 360 degrees, zoom, activate infra-red and even photographing and filming. For example, if you notice your child singing in the crib is just activate the button of filming the program writes and sends it straight to your mobile movies folder.

I think this type of system ideal for mothers who work outside. No matter how much you trust your employees, I think it brings more security mom can look a bit like they’re your children. As they are not all mothers who is lucky enough to find reliable nannies or who already work for many years in the family.

And you install how many points you want to and can see your work computer.

Look at the image from my computer while I’m working. The commands are the same as phone:

In my case the installation this camera was first to use as a baby monitor and don’t have to lift a thousand times in my bed, and in the long term to have as the ultimate baby monitor, since my two sleep in that room that t