Xiaomi Will Bring to Light Your Next Terminal Within a Short

Xiaomi He demonstrated last year that something was changing in the giant that is China. Many les atribuimos occurring in China only copies of zero quality, all of them are probably copies of other phones to try to mislead the most unwary to not be precupan by the quality. However, the latest ZTE and Huawei models show that we were not wrong with them, but where we are now is Xiaomi, particularly with the Xiaomi Mi One so much expectation has had.

Now, in 2012, the Chinese company is preparing something that ensures that you will leave and coming out soon. At least is what different sources and the fact that their creators have taught a particular part of the phone say: packing. For now we do not have details, but his relationship with Qualcomm chips promises to be something big.

My first One was notable for using a dual processor core of Qualcomm, and now in this new model could be one of the first to brand new quad-core beast to 1, 5 GHz that we were promised in the first instance but they stayed in the two that we have. They are nothing more than speculation, but very likely so be and give us a good surprise.

In terms of the installed ROM, we can affirm total emphatically that it will take MIUI, one of the most popular customizations and also has many fans in China and the rest of the world. What should improvements would be that this time have a different distribution strategy, because you get it in these parts had to move enough to keep track of it since it was sold by packs and not individually. Its date of filing, August 16 as Sina Tech points. Xiaomi held an event that same day so the odds that we see the new smartphone are quite high.