Worth Going to a Fish-pay?

A space that has become increasingly popular in Brazil is the fish and pay. It is a fishing complex in which fishing is practiced as a sport or a hobby, i.e. without the fan use this activity as an option to feed or fish meat market. The fishing in these spaces is also called recreational fishing or angling.

The Fish and pay are usually designed in natural lakes, where the visitor pays for the amount of pounds of fish fish during the period in which stay in place. In Brazil it is common to find fish and pay that are managed in areas such as farms, leisure complexes and even in residential areas. The species most commonly found in these fish and pay are: Tambaqui, Pacu, Tambacu Carp, catfish and Tilapia.

The fish and pay is a great choice for families or for those who have little time and willingness to carry out fishing in places more suitable, but for the fishermen professionals? Worth attending a fish-pay? Check out the answer to that question to follow our article!

Fish and pay and sport fishing

Nowadays, the vast majority of fish and pay work in environments that allow to practice sport fishing made for leisure, with the use of only fishing rod , fishing line and hook . This type of fishing is an evolution considered ecologically correct for the amateur fishing, since they help to preserve fish species and to control the practice of this activity The fish and pay are considered also a cheap activity and high potential profit for the entrepreneur.

Advantages of fish and pay for the fisherman

The real advantages of attending a space dedicated to fishing and pay is the opportunity to perform a leisure activity to suit different situations. The fisherman can meet friends, work colleagues and family in an environment of fish and pay in order to take advantage of a period of the day together. Even non-fans of fishing can have a lot of fun, since the fish and pay can also count on other recreational activities at the site.

Another advantage of the fish and pay is the alternative to practice fishing even when the fisherman no any river or Lake public around. The fun is also guaranteed in these environments, since some spaces promote competitions between fishermen, attracting even more experienced practitioners of fishing for these locations.

Disadvantages of attending a fish and pay

The disadvantages of attending a fish and pay rely heavily on the way fisherman see this activity. Who is accustomed to fishing in rivers and lakes, using boats and various materials to perform professional capture of a fish, can wonder the dynamics of a fish and pay. The first difference that these fishermen realize about the silence in the environment, which may be smaller. These places usually receive large groups on weekends and seasons, influencing the practice of fishing and damaging the fishermen .

In some situations the fish and pay may be an option a little more expensive, when compared to a routine fisherman practicing everyday, fishing off a space like that. In this case, fishermen must evaluate the costs related to the two options and choose the one that fits more to your pocket. It is worth reinforcing that some fish and pay charge entry, the volume of fishing during the day and the consumption of any meal or drink within the environment.
You have a habit of attending a fish and pay? Like to visit these places of leisure fishing? Share with us your opinion!