Womens Mules with Heels

Women’s slippers for everyone


The mules are similar to the slippers. The mules can be worn outside of the home and they always have a paragraph. For both models, the front hand is closed, and the shoe is back open, so that we can slip into them easily. The mules for women are in modified form, in which the front hand is open and the belts are offered. These models, as well as the classic mules are offered online. The paragraph is usually wider and the heel height is more convenient. However, festive mules have a higher and a slim heel. This footwear is often decorated with rhinestones.


Mules can be worn at leisure as a house shoe. Elegant and festive mules with high heels look good to a cocktail dress. Some slippers are designed by justinshoes with wedges, and others have a closed front and can be worn well with jeans. These women’s shoes were already popular in the 80s and now they are again available. Mules for women are popular for several years. Even the celebrities on the red carpet of the world find perfect mules. Mules are basically very simple in design and maybe just so popular. The top of the slide is closed but the heel is open. You can compare a sandal with an ordinary house shoe, but with a high heel. As a result, these shoes are equally suitable for everyday use and you can wear them anywhere. Another advantage of mules is the comfort. By using a soft sole, you can wear this shoe also times for hours, without later complaining of aching feet.