Women’s Long Sleeve Western Shirts

Women have long loved to experience the wardrobe of men. Ties, butterflies, long pants and shirts are not just fashion for men. For this case, the designers came up with a collection of shirts for women.

Now it’s in the wardrobe of every fashion women’s casual shirts, sports and formal occasions. Girls like to be in the spotlight perfectly fit fashion shirts. Such something suitable for university, school and work and in the evening it can safely go to a party or outing with friends.


The length of the shirt this season should be no higher than your hips may be slightly higher. About 3/4 sleeves and accessories can be belt or belts. The wide strap combined with a stylish shirt, make a figure slimmer and slimmer waist. If you choose a model that extends under the breast, it can hide other flaws.

Color Shirts for Women

Most modern color shirt has been for several years, cell. The most famous designers have found it a foothold in the fashion industry. Also relevant colors: turquoise, purple, blue, gray. But unexpected color also fit into the scheme of fashion trends.

Shirts Material

The most popular this year, as in previous years, of course, is cotton. Skin breathe freely, and freely housewife. Polyester second line, but this shirt material does not become worse. They just felt comfortable and comfort.

Wardrobe for Shirts

Fashion shirts narrowed fit jeans and trousers, and shoes on a low platform. For example, ballet flats or sneakers. Accessories may be different, depending on the imagination and taste.

Style Fashion Shirts

Lace collar looks more stylish and fashionable. Lace visually enhance your chest and give a certain charm. But pink cell blondes carefree approach. You can try on bracelets wide range of bright colors, stylish and beautiful. Rebounds more suitably equipped model. It actually looks black and white box is wide, it is ideal for tall girls.
Motley style box to fit more people decide that it is more relaxed. Just under a shirt can be worn on top, such as a white shirt and tie end in the chest. Shirts worn at the beach together stylish hats and shorts. Some women wear them under leggings, and a massive leather bag is just one topic.