Women’s Harem Pants Sale

Trendy harem pants

We are always fascinated by the mysterious Orient: when we hear the tale from host night, we start to dream and wish us a little of this fairy tale world. You can get a small portion of this flair home. We have this flair of the Orient in the form of fancier and fancier harem pants. Harem pants give you a small insight into how people lived in a harem. Look around online and discover the harem pants that you like in this way.

Women's Harem Pants

Harem pants are certainly the fanciest pants that previously existed in the fashion industry. They stand out due to their special cut shape. The special features of a harem pants are the extremely low step, high rise, very wide fit and the very narrow legs. It is in this area like a harem trousers. Trouser hem and adjustable leg fitted with a rubber band. Wide belt ensures a firm hold. From the waist up on the thigh fall the waist pleats in broad form. This style is crowned with exceptional accessories such as decorative embroidery or smocked inserts. Harem pants are processed with high quality and noble materials such as pure silk, rayon or polyester. With a harem pants from the collection, you will receive a piece of quality of life from the harem store.