Women’s Bodices and Corsets

Comfortable bodices have many good qualities

The bodice is a piece of clothing from the range of underwear. It’s a one piece, which is a combination of undershirt and pants. The lower ends of the bodices are together hooked through eyelets so that the optical impression brings back memories of a swimsuit. In contrast to swimsuits, bodices are usually made from cotton. The body adapts to the woman’s body and merges with this. Bodices offer therefore the advantage that they are invisible under the clothes. In contrast to a bra, the bodice left no visible bruising which can be seen through the top. Rather, the bodice allows its owner to seamlessly bring her curves in the form. Some companies already offer their bodices with integrated support function. This positive effect makes to use many women to make the transition between waist and straighten hips.

Here you will find some models, which already have a built-in bra. Many women prefer this variant, because they perceive it as an improvement of the comfort. Bodices are short and long arms available or also without arm. Another positive characteristic of that one piece is its warming function in the area of the kidneys. Grade this area is at risk without body to be quickly cooling. You can prevent this with a bodice. Online you can order not only simple, functional bodices, but also fashionable one piece in snazzy cuts. There is a wide range of bodices for each price segment.