With that Outfit. I Am Going?

Worried about what you’re going to wear to the party?

Like I said forget those tacky parties… Vintage party is more than a party, is a statement of style and good taste.
Here are some tips given by Ge Gotardelo de Minas Gerais in your that can help a lot in time to choose your clothes.
Vintage and Retro are two adjectives in the universe of sets that go related to that place so full of stories and styles-the thrift store. Why in thrift stores of life that we find the most precious treasures from the 20 years up to the present day.

A good example of vintage fashion is the pin-up style. Ancient fabrics, clothing worn, are also called vintage, for having used clothing, appearance of other eras.

You know the shoes oxford, the oxford, the one as sought by all this winter? He is a key piece of vintage fashion for being part of the old school style, and also composed the female uniform of the University of Oxford. Today, the oxford shoe market is overvalued and, like before, is used with 3/4 and pleated skirts stockings, composing the typical collegiate style.

The term vintage was used to designate the time of harvest of grapes for making wine, “Vint” (the wine) and “Age” (old). Later this concept was disseminated and assigned to the retrograde fashion, a recovery of styles between 20 and 60.
“The fashion of our grandparents, bizavós…” is discovered by granddaughters, who pulled out of the bottom of the trunk a way of reviving times never lived, and new possibilities of dreaming and enjoy a fashion full of grace and retrograde sugary contemporary rebellion pinches.

A few years ago, at the height of the popularity of skinny with very low waist, it was absolutely impossible to imagine that anyone on earth would join the high waistband, well, what we see now is a tireless search for the darlings of the years 80.
Brazilian women are the most reluctant to adapt to “new fashion”, but from what I’ve seen, even if slowly, are crumbling and some are gradually giving more preference to charm the waist.
The graceful evasê skirts with petit poá, fall like a glove in the silhouette of a new generation of women, who seek these rarities in both more sophisticated stores and thrift shops.

Hair stuck with loose front fuses, lingerie and legs show, marked waist, lipsticks in reddish tones by inducing the sensuality, false eyelashes emphasizing looks innocent. All these factors identify a pin-up.
The diva burlesque, Dita Von Teese is largely responsible for the reinvention of vintage aesthetics back to pin-up style, which became popular after the Ascension of the actress.

Famous increasingly adapt to the trend vintage outfit in order to inspire in reality a surreal mixture of innocence and sensuality. A real trip to the playful universe of time spent, but senses contemporary reflexes.

Is this a is guys… I hope this post will help the girls mainly to establish a look pretty cool and get into the mood of the party.