Winter Sleeping Bag Reviews

Winter sleeping bag

The winter sleeping bag is made under very specific requirements. First, it is the warming effect, which he seeks to ensure. He should also reliably provide protection against moisture and the ingress of moisture and provide a favorable exchange of air in order to maintain a healthy and heat-preserving airflow upright. A winter sleeping bag is an accessory, which does not always meet expectations.Conveniently, it is always to seek advice in stores and to make the selection there. Winter sleeping bags, which are offered by discounters, are cheap, but do not hold that what is required of them.

The base of the winter sleeping bag represents the feeding. Only protects against colds or frostbite. Both synthetic materials and natural materials such as feed down can speak good warming. Here also the strength and distribution of the feed material play a decisive role. Particularly the extremities, driven mainly by the feet, and the head should be well underpinned. In order not to freeze, it is significant that the winter sleeping bag is not carried too far and as closely as possible against the body, while providing enough freedom of movement. Here, the length to be adapted by an inserted cushion. Secure and stable closure options, which are waterproof and no cold let in, are important in order to easily get out of the winter sleeping bag and lock himself can. For moisture protection quality winter sleeping even with so-called wet protection – fitted protectors and have a high quality underbody of several shells or layers.Simple explanations do not offer these conditions usually. It is advantageous if the sleeping bag, the head can be optimally fitted into the complete segment or only a small part as possible must remain uncovered is.


Mummy sleeping bag

The name this sleeping bag comes mainly its peculiar shape., Which is reminiscent of a mummy. This figure, however, is optimal for his commitment and for the protection of the human organism against hypothermia. The basis for this is the resulting converted proximal shape of the mummy sleeping bag, which ensures good physical insulation and isolation to the outside. This property is supported by a correspondingly designed feeding of Muminenschlafsackes. it is combined mummy sleeping bag by a so-called bivouac sack, which is mainly used outdoor. It represents an additional enclosure, serving again as a protection against the cold. The mummy sleeping bag arises in many instances in an oval, egg-like Festalt. It is characterized by a sectional shape in the region of the hips and upper body provides in particular freedom of movement and creates an optimal air cushion. This condition is referred to in the art as heat retention capacity and the quality features of a mummy sleeping bag, if it is needed for extreme weather conditions. In addition, a mummy sleeping bag offer a high comfort, if it is not too tight or too far chosen. Primarily recommended are mummy sleeping bags for the furnishing of children. They ensure a comfortable and functional sleeping and should be selected depending on the height and the temperature information. Climatic conditions in the European widths are available for the selection of mummy sleeping bags with a temperature indication to minus 7 degrees Celsius. Of course, mummy sleeping bags are lined with either down or synthetic fibers to realize a warming effect. The mummy sleeping bag with down prevents excessive sweating. An honorable unknown name in this context is, for example, the “ciun” value for the so-called bulking and filling ability of the down. Mummy sleeping bags made of synthetic fibers are favorable for use in tropical and winter temperatures.