Window Pictures

Window pictures are hereby made easy

With Windows images you can give your Windows a personal touch. The allure of them lives of alternating transparent and opaque elements, the image will only plastic. You can produce them with handicraft cardboard, tracing paper and colored pencils themselves either or but work to templates, which include detailed instructions, a template, and the necessary material. Handicrafts and painting with guarantee of success, because the templates are perfectly crafted and available in many motifs.

Who thinks window images are suitable only for a child’s bedroom window, which is wrong: see our product search perfect templates in the style of naïve painting, which give an individual face your kitchen, bedroom, or living room window. Children not only have much pleasure to make thumbnail window itself, ideally with the parents together. A House with bright, transparent Windows? A star with radiant contours? A fantasy pattern cut in handicraft cardboard with coloured paper behind sticks? Or even a whole Christmas crib as widely luminous window image? There are no limits to the imagination. Whether you a Windows image after submission or for a copy of itself designed opt for: in any case you find the materials you need using our product search: complete sets including instructions and material or but DIY cardboard, paper, glue, scissors and more.