Why Do Not Brazilian Festivals Have a Festival Bracelet?

Ever since we came back from Europe heavily “empulseiradas”, we can not understand a very important question: why do some major Brazilian festivals have no festival bracelet? This is undoubtedly a great mystery. Most of the major music festivals in Brazil, such as the (The Lolla BR now has it!) Responded to our requests for 2017!!) and Rock in Rio , do not wear the bracelet as a way of controlling people’s entry. The exception is due to the Brazilian electronic music festivals , which usually provide bracelets for the festivalgoers-see Tomorrowland and Parallel Universe, for example.

As festival wristbands are one of our passions, and we talked about them in this video here , as well asin this post on how to handle your wristbands after getting everything out of the wrist , we decided to address this controversy further. I hope one day we will get plausible explanations, or a cultural change in this country on such a serious subject for the festival universe.

Intriguing Question About The Festival Wristbands

What intrigues most in this whole story is that, some festivals of the same brand wear a bracelet when the event rolls on the gringa. But when you roll here, no. The two canonical examples, again, areAnd Rock in Rio. Rock in Rio Lisbon and Las Vegas have festival bracelet. Rock in Rio on the river has not! Lollapalooza Chile, Colombia among others make use of festival wristbands. Lolla Brazil does not. Why, people? Because?

We do not quite understand this logic, but the first thing we are forced to think about is that perhaps the bracelets may bring some greater price impact on the tickets. But some tickets, such as Rock in Rio, for example, have anti-counterfeiting features so modern that certainly the price of the cost of printing should not be so different from the price of a cloth bracelet according to MUSTOWNJEWELRY.

In addition, the existence of the bracelet leaves the option of not having the ticket as necessary. Instead of sending tickets after payment confirmation, the festivals could send the bracelets, for example, or make exchange points, as happens most of the time. Some festivals, however, keep the logic ticket + bracelet, as is the case with Wacken. We do not even complain! Hehehe

But we must admit, the bracelets are not just a case of ostentation. It creates an almost umbilical bond with them: they insert us into the world of festivals, open our paths to fantastic shows and audiences, give us access to fabulous places and people! The little belts accompany us, night and festival day, are always there if we are dirty or clean, hungry or thirsty, tired or euphoric. They are always there when we need them, getting our sweat, as well as our creamy snow, hahahaaha.

Another thing that haunted us and kept us in our arms was the fear of taking away and damaging our material memories of fantastic moments. Pri, for example, has a huge collection of tickets and wanted to tie the bracelets to them. I also have a little gift box and I certainly did not want to damage them. But they are placed very tightly on the wrist and withdrawal without damaging them or the arm itself was a challenge.

In fact, I found a method, an idea that came to mind when I was showering. But, I warn you, it’s not eco-friendly. It’s wrong, it’s immoral. I made a lot of foam, I wasted too much soap to make my arm slippery enough for the bracelets to come out more easily. It was a cost. In fact, I damaged my arm a little. The bracelets, however, are beautiful and wonderful!!! I think Pri also joined the technique, I forgot to check with her…

Even so, I admit it was very painful not to have them in the arm anymore. Cutting the umbilical cord is not easy…. Maybe someday I’ll come back with it all at once to the arm, hahaha!

We prepared a videoself with our “discussion” about the ostentatious bracelet and our different views about them. And you, what do you think of the famous festival bracelet? Do you like and want to collect on your arm, or do not you?