Who Was Going To Say: Apple Watch’s “Killer App” Is Personal Quantification

It might seem that the Apple Watch has been a small failure of Apple, but the truth is that the numbers reveal the opposite. Apple Watch has made Apple the second-largest watch company in the watch industry just behind an entire institution: Rolex.

That does not remove so that Apple’s smart watch has not criticized his lack of focus or not having that ‘killer app’ to justify his purchase. The appearance of Apple Watch 2 (or Series 2, as the company calls it) could change everything, and it would do so thanks to a radical change of approach from Apple. Quit applications, they seemed to tell us their managers: the most remarkable thing about Apple Watch 2is that it is now a mind-blowing personal quantifier.

Watchos 3 Will Help, And Much

This past June, Apple forwarded to us in its developer conference how the new version of its software platform for its smart watch took an important step forward in several areas.

WatchOS 3 was mostly much faster in all interactions and especially in the launch of all applications, but already pointed to that greater focus in the quantification of our physical activity through new spheres.

To this was added another novelty of this operating system: the so-called Activity Sharing, which consists of the possibility of sharing our progress in that physical activity with our contacts. Nothing better to encourage us to move than to compete with friends and acquaintances, suggested in Apple.

Hardware Enhancements Dedicated To Physical Activity

The presentation of the watch made it clear that in terms of design little changed: the appearance was virtually identical, although the Apple Watch is slightly thicker for good reasons.

Among them is the inclusion of a somewhat larger battery-at the moment the specific capacity is not known, and the integration of that GPS sensor that will make the Apple Watch 2 become a much more relevant accessory for those who want to go running or Ride your bike without carrying the iPhone on your back.

The clock processor is now even more powerful and has an accelerometer that also extends the possibilities in the field of personal quantization applications, but to all this Apple has added that resistance to water-submersible up to 50 meters deep – that Makes it especially interesting for those who also practice water sports and, especially, those who do swimming.

Fitbit And The Rest Of Manufacturers Should Be Worried

To date, Apple Watch appeared to be on a different device scale, and Apple itself had heavily touched on applications and notifications as a value argument to differentiate its smart clock from devices dedicated solely to personal quantification.

Now the picture has changed clearly: suddenly Apple directs his watch especially to an audience increasingly sensitive to the subject of physical activity, and whether you are an athlete or not, having an Apple Watch will give you that plus because other smart watches “Pure” did not seem to have bet so much.

That could be a problem for traditional manufacturers of quantitative bracelets: Apple’s ambition is enormous in this section, and although its devices are more expensive than the watches and bracelets of manufacturers such as Fitbit, Garmin or Xiaomi itself, which has entered with Strength also in this market thanks to its competitive prices.

The Apple Watch (Series) 2 could change everything in a segment where now users could see with great interest that Apple’s interest in a field that before seemed to leave a little in the background, according to indexdotcom. If we join alliances like the one of Nike we have before us a true turn of events that could impel this intelligent watch to be referring in a land in which the people used not to invest so much dienro.