Where to Buy Chucks Shoes

Chucks – modern shoes

Chucks, which were once intended as basketball shoes, have become one of the most successful shoe fashions. Many renowned companies and designers took on this type of shoe and made them a popular fashion trend. Chucks are consisting of a rubber sole, as well as a shaft made of linen, and were produced in 1860 for the first time. Beginning in 1892, the “United States rubber company” brought out this shoe as a commodity. An American basketball team made their official shoes thus world famous chucks.

Chucks were produced for the basic military training during the Second World War and used in military for basic training. But the easy- and cheap sports shoes were fast developed to everyday footwear. They were also worn for reasons of the rebellion. Chucks lived through various youth cultures: the flower-power movement to the punk scene of the gothic scene to the hip-hop scene. Everywhere, these shoes were very popular. According to the youth culture, the shoes are often painted and decorated. Today, the simple, black and white shoes are available in all imaginable colours and shapes.