Where to Buy Beautiful Shirts

The small make beautiful shirts

  • The bag: for me the pocket has no place on a dress shirt. For cons, I could not have a shirt casual without pocket. There are many types of bags: the classic pocket square, round pocket flaps, the canted pocket, the diamond pocket and flap pocket. You choose !
  • Pointed tab: It is a small piece of fabric with a buttonhole often extending the cuff onto the forearm and opens the round. Rarely found a “Travetto” this little stitch that strengthens the leg of Capuchin. Do not look in the ready-to-wear, it is often found.

  • The swallow: It is spring and it is super chic on a shirt! The swallow is the reinforcement located on each side of the shirt (below a half-measure shirt The French Tailor). You can find fantasies, contrasting fabrics or initials. It is a modest advantage for the resistance of the shirt (because there are few constraints on the fabric at this level) and it is mainly an aesthetic choice!
  • Size to buy: When shopping, like jeans, I always think shrinkage factor that is inherent in the wash. Do not choose a folder where you are tight to buy, because after a few washes you will unfortunately be able to wear it.
  • What collar round? To choose a shirt, you have to try closing the collar and being able to insert one finger between the collar and your neck. A finger only, no more no less! In general, according to one chooses his round collar.
  • Length: a collared shirt is still too long for Financedns.com, it is even important that it is a bit long to fit snugly in your pants, without showing your tummy.Therefore, I do not wear a dress shirt out of the pants. Do not even think! Conversely, my shirts casual , are generally shorter, allowing me to wear outside the pants. When I wear a shirt outside the pants, I make sure to have a shirt that ends just below the belt line while leaving the show. Subtle!
  • Sleeve length: This is also important because of your shirt cuffs should protrude about 1 to 2 cm under your suit jacket when you stand in the rest position, that is to say, the arm along the body. Therefore, the sleeves should not be too long and headlines must end at the joint between the forearm and the wrist – just after the head of the ulna, this small bump in the wrist and before thumb joint. In no event shall handle cover your hand, this is certainly the worst thing to do, even though I know that, like me every day, you meet men penguins in the streets.
  • The label: this is a small detail that may yet play a lot in comfort. Nothing worse than a label scratching all day. The poor quality plastic labels, often laser cut and sewn on one side will not let that bad memories. I always check before buying have woven label sewn in a soft, smooth cotton.

Where to buy shirts?

In “customized” Industrial

  • The French Tailor: I tested there in a short time this brand that offers half-measure shirts at competitive prices with a garment made in Shanghai and a multitude of fabric brands. I was pretty excited to see the result and after two weeks I went to get my shirt at the store. The fitting was conclusive and the cut of the shirt is perfect. The finishes are up (English seam, swallow, aligned patterns …) and Canclini fabric is comfortable to wear. It is a success ! Price: from 79 € classic fabric and between 99 and 189 € in high-end fabric Canclini. And the processing time is 2 to 3 weeks.
  • There are a large number of shirt brands “customized” and I have not had the opportunity to try them all!