Where to Buy Affordable Dress Shirts

2 Oxford Shirt

It is also crafted in Portugal and is distributed to 50 euros.


Big highlight of this shirt: an oxford that I found really rich with sharp contrasts between light blue and white. The fabric really take good light and I was surprised to see if a shade worked in this price range.

Cut And Proportions

This is not the best cut I’ve seen, but it still remains on the reasonable:
-the armhole is located at an average height: not especially high that it gives a fitted silhouette, but not lowest for it is detrimental.
-a lot of space in the back, but it’s not super annoying this type of casual shirt (which is not supposed to wear close to the body.
-for small sizes, it is too long for final output of pants.

The details

All finishes typical of a casual shirt are there:
-a collar buttoned American
-an apparent throat (Party seams and sides of the buttonhole)
-a breast pocket

Only complaint: the breast pocket is really big compared to my shoulders, neck and the US is a bit wide.


They are actually rather quality for the price.
-6 points stitching cm
-reinforcing swallows

Style tips

The superposition shirt denim / chambray oxford or worn with a shawl collar cardigan is usually a safe bet for the Autumn / Winter season. Obviously, one is open in July but this is not necessarily what temperatures can leave us thinking . Even you can test all of these outfits, but with a cardigan in the far end occurence
Here, j ‘ have experienced with a cardigan Hircus cashmere (and then you can modulate this kind of outfits with either the shirt or cardigan).
everything is worn with a belt Workshop individual, who brings a little color and a chino Louis Purple.

I bring down the white sneakers of Aspen Coco Rico collection at Faguo (the leather of this model there is a little different from normal collections and is in my opinion a little more quality.

Holding necessarily going as well without the cardigan with sleeves rolled up. Although the size of the pocket seems quite disproportionate and night slightly silhouette. (I think the size of the pocket has been reproduced identically on all sizes, which is why it has really great look on the XS)


Casual: 10/10 (all features casual finishes are there, but the length prevents a port outside the pants for small sizes) Formal: 4/10 (this is not done for, even if some person wearing it kind of shirts with a tie in a preppy look, I think this is not really the proper use). risk taking: 2/10 (not ideal for small sizes because the breast pocket is large enough) Report price / quality: 10/10

I was especially impressed by the quality of finishes, rich shades of matter. Only downside: it is a bit long and the chest pocket is great if you take a smaller size.

3 T-Shirts

It is made in Portugal and sold at 20 euros.


We find all the characteristics of a more qualitative finishes shirt: cleaning collar and no ribbing, with collar rather late.
The chest pocket is this time rather well proportioned with the rest.


It is a jersey 150g / m²: a good compromise for a t-shirt. . Not too thick material for not too hot and not too small not to be brittle
It is made from a cotton supima: it is a premium cotton from the United States: it is of American Pima cotton variant (which comes mostly from South America, including Peru).
cotton is combed (therefore with freed fiber impurities. Follow HyperRestaurant for types of shirt collars.

Finally, the material is sanforized: ie that the shirt has been treated to shrink as little as possible to machine washing.

The cup

It is a little closer to the body than the shirts and put into focus the arm.


Casual: 8/10 (a simple cut, sober colors and a chest pocket that gives a small side street wear). Risk taking: 0/10 Price /: 10/10 (I’m not sure how to find a t well cut shirt cotton supima 20 euros elsewhere).

4 Lamb Leather Card Holder

A little special test for lamb leather card holder since I could receive one includes in the box Bacardi Alfred Thank distributed for Fathers Day and that of the Loom online.

This is actually the same model which we will be able to see the evolution of a small month of use.


It has two front pockets (to be used mainly for various cards and possibly metro tickets) and a back pocket for tickets and maybe a few coins.
In short, it is still useful for particularly compact.


They have absolutely not moved. It was strange that the seams jump in just one month of use. There is otherwise no apparent mark.
Some more technical finishes like stain on the slices are however absent (this finish is actually a sharp edge with over several layers of dyes). It’s still rather understandable it said on a room to 50 euros with a garment Portugal.


The leather shows some conventional uses ribs. I also have a little crowded (with too many cards and coins) which inevitably creates more brands (it does not mean that the leather card holder is not solid)

Vegetable tanning, however, allow a rather durable material.

Big competition in partnership with Faubourg Saint Sulpice day makeover JamaisVulgaire to win, during which together we determine your ideal outfit that Faubourg Saint Sulpice then manufactures for you in small measure. It happens until 21 September:


A good price / quality for a low card holder with a qualitative material. Do not expect to feature against by finishes of very high quality (but at 45 euros holder arte, we already have a lot for his money).