Where Do You Stick Your Festival Bracelet?

This subject is controversial. Festival bracelet is not unanimous in the festival world, and we have seen right here, in our #videoselfie about them that the thing rages a lot of discussion. There are people who like, there are people who think ridiculous, there are also those who think something hippie too, Or neo hippie, or hipster or I know more than label already threw in me when they saw me with that pulse worthily and really festival.

The problem is that the bracelet has some drawbacks, yes. The first one is the murina smell (hahaha, they get that expression “budum, juá, bad smell for kct ?!”) accumulated by them, that sometimes do not dry right after the bath, or sometimes they spend with their arms in Fucking little guys and such. Also, there are still people who are cracking up with the bacteria… have you ever seen someone die because of the festival bracelets? Heheh Rendered the subject for this video here and you can get more information from Allcitycodes.Com:

Apparently, having a festival bracelet on your wrists requires a lot of attitude, daring… laziness and attachment too. Taking off the little wrists on the arm is not easy-for those who do not want to stick scissors in them. It is not easy to detach either. Each bracelet carries as many memories as germs.

But, are you sure you’re going to take that lush range of colors off your arm and shove it all into a drawer? Missing the opportunity to rub in the face of your friends and other party-goers how much festivaleir@rodad@you are? Of course not, my friend, of course not. Bracelet is also something of exhibitionism, and it is status. There is even gallery in the Pinterest dedicated to this people, with licenseaaa!

Therefore, bracelet is not removed and throw away. Festival bracelet is customized! Festival Bracelet Shines!

The world of dubious party fashion is kind, inclusive and creative. I have been observing several possible things that you can and should do with your bracelets. But first of all, it becomes imperative to know how to remove them safely (whether you have to keep them, as if it were the case of being creative, artist of the bracelet).

The mine here of the video gives three super tips on how to take off your festival bracelet. But hey, some are too much. I confess that I tried to do the third one before watching this video and it was ridiculously painful! I recommend trying the first way.

Now Let’s Get Down To Business, Creativity, Personality And Daring!

Look at this creatiiiiivouuu here. This is a bold option, right? A different, stylish, maginifca sheath. Only nooooo….

This one also racked up… it smashed my view of the festival. A little armadillo hat full of little dangling bracelets, xxeeennntiiii?!

And to finish, I wanted to tell you what patch on vest is passed. The future lives in the vests full of bracelet, okay, beim?!

And have you already customized something with your bracelets or do you prefer to leave them on display in your festivaleir@​​s pulse ? Tell me!

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