What to Wear with Chinos

Modern fashionista, pored over newspapers ‘haute couture’, discovered a new type of trousers-chinos, whose name comes from America, where during the war the soldiers wore a special kind of clothing card and dropped trousers, kroivshiesya Chinese fabric. It is the name of the supplier country material (China) and they were called became so popular in both men and women pants, chinos. And, of course, is a logical question: what to wear?

In fact, the answer is quite simple-with everything that you like and to meet. Chiffon blouses, light sweaters, free lighthouses in combination with elegant sandals or sneakers-depending on the situation. You can pick up your choice for all occasions. Go for a walk with your friends? Chinos pants, bright blouses, bright colors, t-shirts or tank tops and sandals comfortable heels and Ballet flats on summer days-is a good option. For the sports fest, you can complete your outfit jumper suitable colors and a baseball cap. Try to stop them to bring originality to your image.

For Business Meetings Suitable For Chi

Nos pants classic bright or dark colors, with a colored blouse or shirt, small ornaments (jewelry-earrings, pendants) and the clock indication punctuality business Lady jacket and, of course, closed shoes at a small heel.

working at the Office is very comfortable and stylish. If the window is cool, lightweight scarves also go well with pants and uniform jacket with sleeves three fourth. According to the latest trend, Hung chinos and pants, which is able to emphasize the function of romantic nature. Skinny Strap without studs, rhinestones and other luxury will be very useful.

For men, these pants are also very attractive. They are more comfortable than jeans, and not to restrict movement, available in various colors and are easy to combine both classic shirt, jacket and tie for meetings in the workplace, and the relaxed style of clothing for the journey through the streets of the city or skateboard. Shoes in this case may be different-dress shoes, sneakers, desert and Lofer. It is worth noting that these pants fit everyone, regardless of age and sex. Time of year also play a large role, and a varied style and wide range of colors makes it possible for everyone to pick up his trousers, chinos!