What Is There in The Box? Motorola Unveiled a New Product Next Wednesday

Just missing a week to start the Mobile World Congress, which means that you brands who want to try to highlight performing ads without the ‘noise’ which will be available during the fair Barcelona only have another seven days to do so.

For this reason, it is very possible that week coming has been very moved in terms ad pre-feria, and if the next Tuesday the 24th already leave doubts with the new range of BQ, the next day will be Motorola which perform “an exciting announcement”… sending him to the media a mysterious box.

As you hear it. Company belonging to Lenovo has sent him to some media an email warning that the 25 will be something exciting, and who want to be in the front row, so send us a box inside which will have everything you need to choose where and when experience with its new product.

Therefore, and although many are those who have desire to know the future Motorola Android device, as they have painted the issue it seems that Lenovo’s will join Google and LG presenting its own set of virtual reality in the purest style Cardboard.

Yet these are only guesses, so We will have to wait until next Wednesday to speak with property of whatever it is that it brings Motorola between hands. What no one can deny them at least is that they are still the most original when it comes to publicize it.