What Is the Shutter?

Very important component in any camera is digital or analog.

Many ask me: but what is the plugin? Really cannot understand photography without talking about this part of the camera.

We’ve talked here about shutter speed, now let’s talk about exactly what is the shutter.

Well, we know that light is responsible for recording the photo in a movie (in analog cameras) or in a sensor (digital cameras), the shutter is the part that prevents the light to pass while the machine is at rest.

When we shoot the button to record an image, the Shutteropens, missing the light, posting the photo.

You can control the time it stays open longer, more light passes and the picture is clearer. Hence the expression ofphotometry that we call “shutter speed”.

For a picture perfect exit, it is necessary to control theopening of the diaphragm, the ISO and shutter speed.The digital camera makes this control automatically, depending on the tuning mode that you choose.

With the Shutter adjustment is that we have results like the Panning effect.

The speed is marked as 1/x to speeds below 1 second, where ‘ 1 ‘ represents “a second”, ‘/’ represents “divided by” and ‘ x ‘ is the number to be set, so 1/125 is “a second divided by 125”.

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Up a second, the representation is y “, where y is the seconds. Thus 30 ” are” thirty seconds”.

Another way is the B (Bulb), in which the shutter stays open while the button is activated.

Simple isn’t it?!

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