What is the Best Lighting of Shop?

Studies have proven that the lighting is one of the points that most influences the time of purchase by the consumer. It starts before you even enter the store, because the correct lighting of the display case is enough to capture your attention and determine whether he will come or not. The name of the store also fulfils an important role right now, and should be highlighted, with proper lighting, the rest of the elements on the facade.

The secret to finding the perfect store lighting is to have a planning prior to implementation, which should be defined the characteristics of LED to the ultimate goal. The consumer should feel attracted not only by the products, but the environment of the store itself. That saying that first impressions are the most important ones is also true when it comes to commercial establishments.

Ideal LED type

Technical information of the lamp, as the Color rendering index (CRI), a measure that sets the level of fidelity in the LED plays the natural light, the color temperature and even the model may interfere with the way the space is illuminated.Recommend professionals use lamps with shades whiter or cold cuts, which amount to 4,000 Kelvin or more. This helps to keep customers more alerts and make them longer, besides increasing staff productivity, which influences the sales.

One of the biggest advantages of using LED with the IRC thing is you offer consumers the chance to view the product as it really is, to a clothing store, this characteristic is very important for the client to know what the true color of that shirt in which he fell in love, and has no surprises later. Already in establishments that sell food, the importance is even greater, because the LED can show the State of food and determine your quality.


There are a wide variety of LED models to choose from bestcraftblog.com, including pendants, lamps and others. When it comes to running a business both in the window as in-store, the goal should be to highlight the products, although everything depends on the type of environment you want to create. Spots and LED strips are some examples of the types of lamps that can be used to create amazing effects and give prominence to what really matters.

In PD consultants specialists in LED lighting design that can create the LED lighting project more suitable to the needs of the establishment. Let our professionals to transform your space and see your sales increase.