What Is Dvr and What Is It?

In the late 1990’s it was Anthony Wood and his Replay TV Company who launched this on-demand DVR technology.

What is DVR and what is it?
The DVR ( Digital Video Recorder ) is a device that allows the recording of televised programs, via satellite or cable, for later reproduction. Pay-TV companies have found in this technology a way to intensify their sales and create possibilities hitherto unknown to the customer, which would revolutionize this market.

The most popular instrument in this sector is TIVO;Paid service that is unlocked only for the joint use to the signal provider company.In the case of operators that do not offer this service included in the TV package, a solution is the purchase of DVR recorders equipped with an internal hard disk.

Such equipment can be found for sale in Brazil around R $ 850.00; But the trend is that this amount will decrease gradually in the coming months. To better understand this novelty we can define the DVR as a consistent receiver, an important circuit capable of decoding the signal, integrated into a HD of the size that approves the package purchased by the user.Able to record any programming, initially this technique was widely used in security systems or other closed circuits, replacing VHS (Video Home System).

In contemporary times this method continues to be applied in the monitoring of environments. Sony, Intelbras, Delphus, among other brands are responsible for the Brazilian digital recorders trade with the purpose of real-time monitoring of portarias, factories, commercial premises and in an increasing frequency of residences. Already the costs of such tools for this type of survey are more in account, rotating around R $ 300,00 the DVR itself;However it is necessary to remember that security cameras device, sources, cables, etc. must also be acquired.Multiplying the total price for the effective installation of the product.

The goods in launch have even an alternative capable of sending the surveillance data through the cell phone and the Internet; And the consumer can now access them or as soon as their availability allows.