What Color Shirt to Wear With Black Suit

Black suit: what color shirt to wear with, how to brighten up without falling into the 80’s, how not to look like an undertaker, how not to stern?
In short how to do all this that time ?!

First of all, let’s take some of the history of the use of the black suit.
If you listen purists, it should be reserved exclusively nocturnal festive ceremonies and funerals.

But here it was before the revolution rock wind

Hedi Slimane breathed on menswear

from Dior.

So you are now allowed to wear a black suit to the office.

Caution, however this will not be without following some rules of style as follows:

Repeat after me:

  1. My black suit very good will, or risk seeing the old pretty fast
    and turn the uneven ugly gray and glossy.
    2. My black suit slim fit will be.
    3. With my black dress white shirt I bought from InternetSailors.
    4. With my black suit white shirt if I do not put a pink shirt
    and blue very, very pale but I will wear. *
    5. With my black suit, the other madness to put a black shirt and gray I will leave.
    6. With my black suit black shoes polished thin soles I’ll wear.
    7. With my black suit I wear a black belt.

The proof in pictures:

. My black suit slim fit will

  1. With my black suit white shirt I wear.
  2. With my black suit, the other madness… 6. With my black suit and …

You will understand all these rules are equally important and, unless visual evidence to support, no exemption will be granted. No sir it is not worth the stress!

Welcome to the very closed circle of “black suit wearers notified.”

* This is only a tolerance due to our indulgence.