What are the Best Running Shoes?

What should I look for when buying running shoes? The question you are probably wondering if you just start running. Or if you are already running hard for a while, but the shoes are worn. There are many different running shoes available and not all benefit from the same shoe. What shoes go with which runner? And running style is important when you make a choice for a specific running shoe? A number of factors are important in determining what is the best running shoe for you. The main running style / running technique.

Loop Style

So many people, so many different operating styles. A major difference between the runners in the landing. Some countries in their front or metatarsal while others on their heels countries.The landing on the heel is a shoe with much needed cushioning in the heel. It is often bigger, thicker and heavier shoes even if the shoe manufacturers are developing new damping system that is less heavy. The need or midvoetlander has no shoe with a thick heel, but rather has a foot with a small difference in height between the heel and the forefoot.
In general a midvoetlanding seen as the ideal and natural landing. Elite athletes countries almost always on their midfoot. If you want to switch from haklanding to midvoetlanding then build up slowly. First, 5 x 30 seconds. For example, 10 x 30 seconds, then 10 x 1 minute etc. People who quickly builds often get complaints legs. A little soreness in the switching is normal.

What are the Best Running Shoes

The Weight of The Runner

Are you a hard runner and you land on your heel as you need an extra good cushioning in the heel. Realize you upon landing around two or three times to catch your body weight. Without cushioning the heels would have long been shattered. The lighter the carpet, the less damping is required. Moreover, it is relatively heavier in front of a light runner to run with a heavy shoe due to having to move the body of a light runner relatively less weight. Imagine a light for Kenyan with very heavy shoes. He will lose relatively higher speed than a heavier runners.

The Purpose Of The Training / Competition

It is also important what the purpose of your training. If you want to run a race at high speed, you can wear the best shoes very easily. Remember this: One hundred grams lighter shoe gives more speed advantage to lose weight at 100 grams. This is due to the fact that your foot with shoes around it not only at walking speed ahead and go up, but you foot should also be drawn to the front at high speed after landing. This extra effort.
If you train at race speed to get the speed and feeling in the legs, it is also wise to train with your race shoes.
For quiet endurance training that are intended only to improve your fitness input is important. If you then heavier shoes running your speed is perhaps a little less, but how much work is right, exercise well. Faster shoes do not contribute to additional conditions.


Running stores today have different types of corrective shoes. They make sure that your feet when landing reaches a certain way and force a certain way, the bone, unlike your natural movements. So it is anti-pronatieschoenen that keep your feet too much overproneert. Anti-supinatieschoenen conflict shall ensure that only those with more nods to the inside so that you end up getting the feet horizontally on the ground. These shoes for minor injury concern is scientifically not proven.

Some tips

  • Buy and test your shoes later in the day. Your feet are a little more “off.” If your shoes “fits the morning in the evening may be too small
  • Check the size of your shoe, making the best standing, then your feet are evicted.
  • Test running shoes with sports / running socks.
  • Buying shoes online can, but only buy shoes you already, and you must choose the right size and they sit.

My Own Experience

When I had just started to run I ran on a pair of running shoes for a regular sports. After a while I decided to get serious about running and then heard it too “real” trespass shoes on songaah.com. I went to a running specialty store and let me advice. I wanted to have some light shoe, but the seller advised me to still take the shoe because it gave more cushioning and stability. I came home with big heavy shoes. They were initially not feeling well and I had pain in my lower leg.
I got these shoes when they are not worn in a while and then went back to my old shoes, later I went back to the running specialty store, but told the dealer exactly what I wanted . When I came home with good shoes. Since then I walk without any real damage six times a week. I train in lightweight shoes and my race shoes are lighter. Since I am a very easy and even once made a graceful running style is best for me.

Moral of the story: Think carefully and self belief not only that the seller knows better. You know your body best and the shoe that is best eaten is often the best choice.
Good luck with buying running shoes!