Westwing Guide to Bronze Chandelier

Chandeliers and candlesticks are pieces of unique beauty that bring a bit of history back to the invention of electricity for the decoration of our environment. Metal pieces, such as gold, silver and bronze, are especially beautiful because they bring the elegance of the brilliance of these metals.That’s why the brass chandelier might be exactly what you were looking for to give your room an air of sophistication!

In different models, styles and shapes, the bronze chandelier draws sighs wherever you are, as it is a noble piece. Symbol of refinement and good taste, it can be used in classic settings, and is always welcome in the decoration. To be inspired and use the bronze chandelier as a differential in your home décor, keep an eye on the tips Westwing has put together for you!

The Bronze Candelabrum In Decoration

The importance of using secondary sources of light in the lighting of a room is justified by the sense of warmth that indirect lighting gives the environment. Therefore, the use of candles in objects such as the candle sticker the bronze candlestick is especially important-in addition to providing charm to the composition of the decoration, it brings alternative light sources, helping to create a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the environment that is used .

In addition to illuminating rooms, the bronze chandelier is a great decorative ornament to give elegance to environments such as the entrance hall, the corridor, the buffets, side tables and even the dining table on important occasions. The beauty of the chandelier allows it to be used in wedding decorations and other outdoor celebrations to brighten the guest tables after dark.

The tip is to ensure the comfort of the guests using candles made ofcitronella, which scares the mosquitoes without losing the elegance of the use of the candlestick.

Caring For The Bronze Chandelier

On a day to day basis, you can clean the brass chandelier just by dusting it with a dry cloth. However, bronze is a metallic alloy that tends to oxidize over time, creating a greenish layer, called natural patina. If you see that the brass chandelier is a little greenish, it’s time to do a heavier cleaning .

To do this, thoroughly rinse the bronze candlestick with warm water and dry it with a clean towel, ensuring the dust is removed from the piece. Apply a mixture of two parts of baking soda to one part of lemon juice (the acid will help remove the natural patina layer). Thoroughly rub the bronze candelabrum with small circular motions, as if polishing the piece, until you see under the briefcase the clean, shiny bronze. Be careful to scrub well the smaller parts of the details of your bronze chandelier! If necessary, use a very soft toothbrush.

Let the bronze chandelier stand for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse it with warm water until all traces of the paste are removed. Dry well with a soft towel and your brass chandelier will be clean and shiny!