Westwing Guide for Acrylic Pendants

Polymethyl methacrylate, better known as acrylic, is one of the most admired and used plastic types in many segments, especially in design, home appliances and decoration. Colorless, sturdy, transparent and lightweight, it imparts a modern and noble appearance to numerous pieces, sometimes being mistaken for elegant glass. Today, acrylic pendants are some of the articles he has created, able to punctuate the décor in a sophisticated and contemporary way.

Among the many possible features to provide light to home environments, the pendant luminaire appears as one of the most current and applied in décor projects for different purposes. Thus, acrylic pendants can compose from scenarios with a more exquisite proposal to decorate environments with simple and discreet style. Specialist in home and decoration, the Westwing would not stop talking about acrylic pendants.Know more!

Design That Makes A Difference

When we start remodeling or building our house or apartment, one thing is sure: if the lighting project is not very well planned and adequate, the decoration may not go as expected. Therefore, among the models of lamps chosen to adorn and illuminate most of the corners, acrylic pendants are excellent choices.

Charming thanks to its subtle luster and innovative features, acrylic pendants exist in versions that appeal to all tastes, styles and needs. There are round, oval, square and rectangular simple options as well as industrial luminaire shape, bold design, winding lines and geometric contours. Its wires also stand out, being of metal, steel or brushed aluminum, always very modern and unusual.

The soft and characteristic transparency of the acrylic pendants is one of the main responsible for its refined and harmonious look. For this reason, some pendant models in acrylic are quite similar and even confused with pendants or crystal and glass chandeliers, equally full of glamor.

Colorful Acrylic Pendants

Playful, lively and intense, colorful acrylic pendants are bold versions of lamp, perfect for those who think of giving a touch more in the décor or create a daring and original scenario. Their patterns vary in unique pendants, like a sort of several lamps hanging by wires or with several stems, generally resembling classic chandeliers.

Whether with color in the dome or the cables, these types of acrylic pendants draw attention to its unique and vibrant design, and the tones are as varied as possible. Green, pink blue, yellow, orange, red, lilac, black and white are the most outstanding, and can be used in one or more rooms.

Most Elegant Environments

Have you thought of using acrylic pendants as dining room chandeliers ? For they can be wild for when the idea is to create an elegant environment, adapting with mastery to the most varied styles. Among the main ones are the contemporary, Scandinavian, glamor, industrial and modern. In this case, the tip is to choose acrylic pendants with a model that fits the characteristics of the proposed decorative pattern.

Used as kitchen fixtures, acrylic pendants can also make all the difference. For this, you can use them on a central island or counter, in the case of an integrated environment. Want to replace the chandeliers for bedroom? So here’s a great suggestion: use acrylic pendants on the bedside tables if the dormitory is double or colorful models if childish and transform the look of your haven!

Luxury Acrylic Pendants

Acrylic is a simpler and cheaper material, but that is not why it can not be used in chic and luxurious decorations. There are several acrylic pendant models that perfectly mimic crystals, ideal for living and dining rooms, providing a touch of elegance in the right measure. Bet on minimalist decor and harmonize with a gorgeous acrylic crystal imitation pendant and surprise your visits!

The acrylic pendants are a charm in any environment of the house. Check out more Westwing tips to renovate or create the perfect decor for your home! Enjoy our discounts on furniture and objects to decorate every room and corner in an elegant and practical way!