Diverse women’s vests for each type of fashion

Ladies West are very special pieces of clothing. They do not count as full-featured jacket, but also warmer than a T-Shirt. Just this combination of a garment is so popular with many. Whether in summer or in the fall, the ladies vest is every season like used. The most vests are easy and can be good in a pocket. So they can be pulled over anytime soon to warm the body Center. Not only on the road or at work in the garden West are practical, even at home this garment can be pulled over quickly. Some Western models are in the trend for years. Here they share much with jackets. Every year there are new models with innovative cuts and colours.

, There are ladies West for almost every occasion. The quilted vest is one of the most famous models. It is available in different colours and keep warm well. Knitted vests are more suited inside. You spice up simple sweater or warm over the business blouse. A buttons and small pockets on the sides are cute and cuddly charm the Cardigans too. We recommend fleece for outdoor sporting activities. Especially while jogging on cool days a vest can be good with the beloved shirt combined. We have also denim, Wollwesten and many other West types in our range. Here everyone will certainly find his new favorite vest.