Wedding Dress Code

How many weddings do you have this year? Our fashion expert explains the clothes you are going to be doing well through the wedding season!

As owner and chief purchaser of the online luxury boutique, Susanne is an expert in style in all situations. In her current column she explains how you wappnest for weddings without stealing the show from the bride.

Are you going to start the wedding season too? Then you need to equip yourself with the right clothes for the big event now!

For the best of all celebrations, one should also be a wedding guest with a particularly elegant outfit, in order to give the newlyweds the proper appreciation for this special day. At the same time, of course, the bride should not be fashionable in the shadows-a wedding outfit should therefore be selected with tact.

Classic Good

Whether champagne reception in the Castle Park, registry office or church: A wedding is the “queen” of all celebrations, so you can quietly wait with a maximum of elegance. The materials play an important role in this process: silk, chiffon but also fine glove leather seem refined without being extravagant. Also make sure that you do not wear anything deep Dekolletiertes and too short it should not be-here is genteel restraint announced. Focus your outfit with a classic piece of jewelry. Gold harmonizes especially well with bright, delicate colors!

Just not too white!

Careful, fashion trap! Bright colors such as crème and ivory seem noble, but they must not be in competition with the wedding dress from! The color white is reserved exclusively for the bride to avoid embarrassing confusion. Prefer to go back to the new delicate sorbet tones, classic rosé and powder. A feminine dress in pink or floral pattern is always a good choice. If possible, you should also refrain from the small black.

Wedding Shoe Factory

For this special day, elegant footwear is an absolute must! The black pumps can remain in the cupboard and make room for luxurious peep in light taupe tones. Refined details such as transparent tulle inserts or a small plateau give an otherwise simple outfit that certain something. Also make sure you have a good stop in your high heels so that you don’t have to sit down involuntarily at the wedding Waltz.