Ways to Access Windows on Your iOS or Android Tablet

Remote access to computers has long ceased to be a practice adopted only by computer savvy. In the beginning, you had to understand a little bit about how remote access works and how to find the IP address of a machine. Most applications now carry this information already on the first screen.

This has made technology popular, reaching the vast majority of those who access the internet and use the computer. One facility that remote access technology provides is to allow you to view documents and run programs that are present on a computer on the other side of the planet, for example.

The cool thing is that now it can also be done through cell phones. There are several tools that allow you to access all the contents of your computer through a smartphone. Check out some applications that we separate for you. Most of the options below are for Android and iOS.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer is already well known to anyone who uses remote access with some frequency. Laptop versions work in the same way as the Desktop program. The main advantage of this app compared to others is that you do not have to worry about complicated settings or IP addresses. Just use the information provided by the tool itself.

Remember that you need to have TeamViewer installed also on the computer that will be accessed. Otherwise, the program will not be able to synchronize the PC with the mobile device you are using. The app has version for iOS and Android .

Android-vnc-viewer and Vnc Viewer for iOS

Another classic tool when it comes to remote control is Real VNC, which also has a portable version for you to access your computer wherever you are. VNC Viewer is a completely free and very simple to use application with hundreds of configurations that can be edited so that the connection to the PC happens as fast as possible.

The program can be used on Android and iOS without problems. Like TeamViewer, for VNC Viewer to work properly, you must have your Server version running on the machine that will be accessed remotely.


One application that has been gaining space among remote access apps is LogMeIn. With it, you can access multiple computers at once without having to worry about decorating IP addresses and security passwords. Just have the program installed on the PC and on the mobile device.

By configuring the application correctly on the machine you want to access, you can copy files – from the most varied formats – from the PC to your mobile device; Just have enough space in the device that will receive the content. LogMeIn is available for Android and iOS .

PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC

Another very interesting remote access tool is PocketCloud Remote RDP/ VNC. Working together with the PocketCloud Explore add-on, the app not only lets you view your computer screen from your mobile phone but also accesses and copies any document to your handheld device.

PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC also allows you to use your Google account to find the computer to connect to. The app can also be used on devices with Apple OS or Google . Unfortunately, the application limits the connection only to devices that are on the same smartphone network. Still, worth the test.

Remote RDP Lite

For those who do not want to worry about installing software on the computer, a good option is Remote RDP Lite. Although it is limited to accessing only PCs that are connected on the same network, the application can be very useful if you want to show some content on the machine and can not transport it to another room or room.

Remote RDP Lite is also available for Android and iOS .

Now that you know some applications for remote access, take advantage to use all the features of your computer anywhere. If you know any other tool of this genre, please take advantage of the comment space below to share.