WaterAid Collection H&M

Here is a collection that will certainly make you want to sea and holidays, H & M there proposes the images of Advaita thought for its line WaterAid Collection, obviously dedicated to’ summer 2011, a line that besides creating a series of heads and of swimsuits for us women, is also believed to men and children: in fact, many are the outfits from the beach which you can see in the pictures of the gallery and all are inspired by the colors and the water world, because once again to lead the ‘inspiration of the Swedish brand has a social purpose.

We had already anticipated the images of some of the models proposed by the brand for the WaterAid line and we also told you that 10% of the line’s earnings will be donated to interventions for those who can not make the presence of water for granted as we . Moreover, it is not the first time that H & M is committed to social, it has already done with its ecological collection, the Conscious and the campaign Fashion Against AIDS which saw familiar faces engage next to the brand. So here again H & M combine benefits and fashion trends with its aims WaterAid collection: the gallery of images will show you a line centered on the color blue and all shades, swimwear and especially two-piece, cover-ups, mini-dresses, shorts and caftans, not mention the jumpsuit and leaders dedicated to children, all delicious and glamorous.

Completing the line accessories and hats interesting. Check it out!