Watches Android Wear Do Not Fail to Surprise Us… Even If It Is Running Windows XP

What Android Wear is an immature and with much more to develop and explore OS It is not something that we will now discover, in fact the own Google reviewed these days that soon to be speaker and support voice calls Samsung with Tizen watches already enjoyed for months.

Google I/o 2015, which will be held at the end of this month will be a new twist to the Android Wear range, but at the moment we can content ourselves with the steps that the developer community is giving.

Developers do not stop to show us that the smartwatches are in fact wrist computers, and if first we saw an Android Wear emulating Classic Game Boy Color and PlayStation consoles, now We can “enjoy it” perfectly running Windows XP.

Is no joke, a developer has ported a lightweight version of a few megabytes of Windows XP – only runs the command-console, and you have installed it on a LG G Watch that starts perfectly with the Microsoft operating system.

As you already imaginaréis you, its usefulness is beyond negligible a design exercise, although it shows that the possibilities of smart watches are still to explore, and its limit will be only in the imagination of the developers.