Watch the World’s 25 Classics: Omega Seamaster

In this series, we will address several model series that kept up with well over half a century. One of them is Omega’s popular Seamaster, which since its inception has been a name that been sitting on hundreds if not thousands of watch models where some excelled more than others;

The very first the Seamaster was created in 1948 by the designer René Bannwart. Marketing Manager Adolphe Vallat had asked for a water-resistant, automatic men’s watch from localtimezone  by a more robust than what was customary at the time and had a conceptual Bannwart landscape that had not been into the former elegant assortment. However, this was not the first water-protected watch Omega made but already in the early thirties were constructed model Marine which consisted of two parts which were pressed together to form a waterproof device and together with previous models from Panerai can be counted among the first dykaruren (a tradition Omega with honour passed, as we see in the future …). The original model Seamaster is today a popular collectible model, appreciated, not least for the characteristic boettformen with its powerful bandhorn. In connection with the London Olympics will be published in a new Edition based on the orgiinalet from 1948 (places to eat, as it happens, the same year as the recent London Olympiad as well). Later copies of the 50-, 60-and 70-century early on from the more elegant part of Seamasterlinjen are popular and yet relatively affordable vintage models for those looking for a less expensive dress watch while.

The Seamaster as best we know it, a locking system and high visibility, was released in 1957 along with sister models Speedmaster and Railmaster’s (as Omegasamlarnas “Holy Trinity”) under the name Seamaster 300. The model quickly became very popular and were carried among others by Jacques-Yves Cousteau at the experiment “Precontinent II” in the Red Sea 1963. In the mid-sixties was updated with a more powerful case, clearer picture and hands and a grinding wheel which was more durable than the original model’s thin bakelitinlägg. Something that was appreciated by many, not least the Royal Navy in the late sixties assigned their personnel in the dyktjänst model (which later also replaced it with Rolex Submariner then Seamaster 300 tended to leak into the water because of the “self-sealing” Crown).

Seamaster 1948

At the end of the sixties started Omega develop another type of locking system and high visibility for users than the military divers with shoe Polish in the face and the knife between the teeth that have been in focus during the fifties and sixties–namely the commercial diving industry that were all the rage Thanks to offshore oil and gas industry’s rampage and exploitation of drilling rigs and associated pipelines. Built and named for the ocean’s hardest working fools developed Omega along with the French dykföretaget Comex (which we get to come back to…) the first version of the Seamaster Professional, known to the world as “PloProf” (after the French “plongeur professionnel “); a clock that is unlike any other, and deserved, both cult status as a large crowd of ardent admirers. The clock stands out in many ways; It has a monococqueboett of water density, grinding wheel is blocked and locked up with the red button, the Crown is not only positioned on the left side to increase the hand’s movement but also screwed in with a large nut. The aesthetics where the mattblå Board meets the white and orange hands became an instant classic. Later followed a number of other divers in the same Professional-line with a similar look, including a 1000 m-variant and a chronograph. It was not only professional divers who thought PloProf was tough, but also a certain Italian industrialist with a taste for it’s funky.

The next big event and success for Seamasterlinjen came in the early nineties. With the help of marketing genius Jean-Claude Side, which in ten years managed to tretusenfaldiga the value of Blancpain and transform it into the hottest Hublot can have on your wrist, took Omega presented a new Seamasterdykare, resistant to 300 metres. The model is especially known for having produktplaceras on Pierce Brosnan’s wrist in Goldeneye. It was a new beginning of rank—a new Bond, a new firm that Bond’s watch and, not least, a new Seamastermodell who made a clean sweep in the business and immediately became a huge success. Today is seen that 90 ‘s maybe most famous models all categories.

All the above is in some ways still represented in Omega’s range; ur-the Seamaster from 1948 will, as I said in a limited has recently published, “Bond”-the Seamaster has been upgraded with the new Co-Axialverket, and verkstyp are both in the same Planet Ocean (which was released in 2004 and is heavily inspired by Seamaster 300) and PloProf 1200 (as released in 2009), and Marine were also in the more exclusive Museum line.

Seamaster 300

Seamaster 300

Seamaster “James Bond”

Ploprof 1200

Ploprof 1200

Ploprof 600

Gianni Agnelli with Seamaster Ploprof on the outside of the cuff.

Seamaster Marine

Seamaster Planet Ocean