Watch Now in the Test: Power for the Apple Watch?

Watch OS 2 is officially distributed. The new Apple system for the Apple watch to offer more features and better performance. We have already tested WatchOS 2 on a new Apple Watch.
Apps access the hardware, Siri is intelligent and the system overall threesome. Apple wants to eliminate many problem areas of Apple Watch with WatchOS 2. The user can therefore look forward on comprehensive changes.

Optimized performance of Apple Watch

A big shortcoming, the we in our Apple Watch test the slow reaction time of the clock is criticized. With the update on WatchOS 1.0.1 has become the performance is better, but still not optimally. The new WatchOS 2 to fix the problem, according to Apple. In our test, we first check the language assistant Siri: “All of my photos show me” processes the command of Siri in about three seconds, two more seconds it takes for the WatchOS is open the photos app. Siri responds to the voice command “Open the Runtastic app” even faster, because the sports app is ready for use after 3:50 seconds. The processing of speech input works so very quickly. Sometimes it takes 2-3 seconds before starts the language assistance at all however – here optimisation potential in there despite improvement remains. Siri but not only total slightly snappier responds, the Assistant has become even smarter. General Siri can open not just apps, viewing the weather and start a navigation with stopovers, but create a workout and Smart home devices extensive control.

Native apps for the Apple Watch

Not only Siri is slightly faster, apps start now almost without delay – if it’s native apps. Native apps are here not only Apple’s own applications: Apple now allows to run apps directly on the watch via So far, the applications were no longer as a linking or link with the iPhone – sometimes a reason why the clock so sluggishly responded. Now, developers directly on the watch hardware may access and speak also functions as the microphone, the Crown and the heart rate monitor. The selection of the native apps is still very low, the store but should fill in the next few days and weeks. Currently support including Runtastic and app in the air WatchOS 2.

The Apple Watch allows time travel

“Time Travel” Apple calls a function under WatchOS 2, which allows quickly to call future and past events by Crown:turn the Crown in a clockwise direction, jumps the time in the future, and masks for example upcoming events and detailed on the hour Weather data a left turn around the Crown shows the Apple Watch older events. Time travel is reflected in our test though as a nice gimmick, it is usually but more practical and faster just to look at the iPhone, and at the same time to have all dates at a glance.

Watch faces & “Complications” in WatchOS 2

WatchOS 2 offers not only functions that increase the added value, Apple wants to personalize the Smartwatch. So, now your own photos as a watch face or dial are possible. The clock as a background image – including Visual adaptation to the current time of day allows even short time lapse videos. You simply choose your own image by open the photos app on the Apple Watch, tapping or force-touch the screen via 3D-Touch and confirm the selection.
However, the so-called “complications” for the dial, which were now open for third-party developers are the real highlight of WatchOS 2. A kind of widgets that you can place on the dial to display useful information hidden behind the unhappily chosen name. Including flight data, sports scores, stock quotes or memories. With the correct “complications”, you save so much time, because the Smartwach displays personalized information now literally in the blink of an eye. Who would like to see detailed information, type the corresponding entry to open the app. Select the “complications” in the watch of the iPhone app. In the test these widgets but not in combination with custom watch faces work similarly, the time-travel feature – a constraint that is annoying and make personalized dials almost useless.

Answer emails directly via a Smartwatch

Replying to mails and receiving of voice calls (face time) is a very useful feature. For example, a message to respond to, open the corresponding mail, press slightly harder on the display and tap in the context menu on “Answers”. Now can you either send a prefabricated message or Siri dictate your text. In our test dictation but not properly worked:when you first try responded the app at all, at the second attempt reported Siri only that dictation had failed. Only at the third attempt we could talk in fact a reply. Here Apple should repair be sure.

More innovations

Apple introduced many smaller innovations, including more contact options, replacement of fitness data and improvements in the music app. With WatchOS 2, Apple also closes a security hole, because so far it was easily possible to add a stolen Smartwatch factory and according to pair with a new iPhone. The upgrade addresses the vulnerability: who would like to reset the Apple Watch, requires the password for the Apple ID.
Bottom line: WatchOS 2 is a comprehensive upgrade of the Smartwatch. Here, Apple has turned the correct screws:the OS provides better performance, hardware access for app developers and more opportunities for personalization. But the update is not perfect. Siri needs partly just a tad bit too long to start, the new reply feature in mail not properly worked in the test and the “complications” do not work under the watch faces created by users. Nevertheless, WatchOS 2 is a successful system that might bring many new apps.  (man)