Watch for Aston Martin Drivers

The Amvox2 was developed in cooperation with Aston Martin transponder by Jaeger- LeCoultre.

This clock replaces the car key and closes even lapses of memory: the Amvox2 transponder by Jaeger-LeCoultre is able to open the own vehicle, close and even to search for. Not all car-  travelling Watch fans take advantage of these features: the possession of Aston Martins is a prerequisite.

Since 2006, watch manufacturers Jaeger-LeCoultre cooperate the Swiss with the British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin. Initial result of the ticking was the Amvoch chronograph with a mechanism to control the chronograph start, stop and reset functions developed specifically for this watch.

Chronograph Function Times differently

Instead of how most chronograph by means of push-buttons on the right side of the housing, the watch glass is tipped at the Amvoch. Wants to start the chronograph, one tilts the Crystal at 12 o’clock, you want to hold him again, so stop stop, pressing position again towards 12 o’clock.To reset to zero, press the watch at 6 pm. Both the Central seconds hand as well as the 30-minutes and the 12 hour Totalizer promoted so zeroed. Sounds unusual, then however intuitively is successful in handling.

The Amvox2 Transponder by Jaeger-LeCoultre

Also the youngest Amvoch Jaeger-LeCoultre offers this special chronograph control: the Amvox2 transponder. It differs however due to their functionality as Aston Martin car key. The doors can be opened and closed by pressing on the Sapphire Crystal of the clock. The feeling it reminds of pressing the start stop button in the car, which also consists of glass. Completely replaced the Amvox2 cannot tag the key: the key less access function, so the key less start of the Aston Martin, is not possible with the clock.

The Search Raises the Flasher of the Aston Martin

The function to find the car, however, is quite handy. The function is triggered, the headlights of the Aston Martin is enabled; the car can be detected more easily by the driver especially in the dark. The car is entirely out of sight or stolen in the worst case, the feature doesn’t help unfortunately.

Sporty Dial with Miniature Transmitter

A miniature transmitter with antenna, which is visible on the dial makes it possible the interaction between clock and car. Also under the watch glass the terms “Open” and “Close” were steamed up – the optical indications of the transponder function. And otherwise the dial is quite technically, without thereby but inelegant: it is held in the colors black and grey, the indexes and the hand on the Digitally bordered are decorated in white. Only “splash of color” is the delicate, red chronograph hand.

A Rotating Logo at the Six o’clock Position

As in the Amvox2 Jaeger-LeCoultre from the year 2006, the mechanical, in-house movement with automatic winding caliber 751E also works in the new tag Variant. It offers a fairly comfortable 65 hour power reserve. One tiny detail is that the logo in a small window at six o’clock when the movement rotate once per minute around its own axis.

Price of the Amvox2 by Jaeger-LeCoultre

The housing of the available since mid 2014 chronograph is sporting in diameter 44 millimeters in size and made of titanium. A black leather strap with white stitching holds the Amvox2 transponder on the wrist of the Aston-Martin-Driver. Preis(UVP): 24,000 euros.