Wall Stickers

The great hit of the moment in interior decoration are the vinyl wall stickers, which can be used in any environment of the property, office, clinic etc., giving a unique and contemporary touch to the decoration of the environment. For two years in the market vinyl stickers have gained space and each day its use is more intense, dispensing specialized labor, paints and masons, is able to renew an environment quickly and simply. The value of the stickers also helps a lot in their popularity, since the square meter of them costs between 35 to 50 reais, according to the complexity, the color and the size of the drawing.

Another point in favor of the use of stickers in interior decoration of houses and apartments is that they do not spoil the wall and therefore can be changed when you convert, just remove that and put another and according to the taste of the person. The pieces of stickers come in a huge range of designs and colors that allow infinite personalized possibilities, since the adhesives can be used together, several different, the same, in contrasting colors or only in black, placing Green Doses in the Houses, On the wall or the glass, in short, the options are really endless, transforming the environment according to the preference of each person.

The stickers from NeoVideogames.com can be placed on any smooth surface, be it a wall of material or wood, glass, tiles and mirrors, including furniture and appliances have already entered the wave of stickers, which can customize the refrigerator, the door of the box, the door of the guard Children’s clothing, in short, there are no limits to their use or creativity, vinyl stickers lend themselves to almost any location or real estate where they want to apply. For Your Home to have a Cozy and Charming Atmosphere these stickers are the solution. The application of the adhesive is simple. The surface to be applied should be cleaned, preferably with alcohol, waiting to dry for 30 minutes, which ensures adherence. The adhesive should then be placed in the desired position and secured with adhesive tape,

When the picture is large, it is advisable to start from the larger side, and after making sure that it is in the correct position, one should begin to pull the white part very calmly and firmly, fixing the adhesive to the desired base, wall, etc. One of the most important tips is to use a spatula to not wrinkle, and it is always good that it is applied by more than one person. Stickers are present in all environments, and often reflect the mood of the people or the company. Decorators give important tips to those who will choose stickers for your Ideal Home, regarding cold colors and warm colors, sizes and color blending. For those who want to give a transform in the visual of their home and are with little money the stickers are an excellent option,