Wall Sticker: Practical Tips on How to Transform a Room

If you get the environment or needs to take a new coverage on a wall, use wall sticker can be the most practical solution (and stylish). Made in vinyl, they are found in various colors, prints, textures and sizes. In some cases, you can even order a custom template for your project. But even the most simple and inexpensive options give legal results–with the advantage that you can apply, remove and change, if you don’t like the results or get sick again. Here are some tips!

Choose The Location

As the wall stickers generate an effect, it’s best to choose a single area to use them, in harmony with the other items of decoration. Give preference to Smoothwall, no holes or roughness. Other smooth surfaces such as Windows, doors, furniture and appliances also apply. Avoid wet locations or where only hits a lot of Sun.

Choose The Wall Sticker

To give a touch in decorating, an idea is to bet on prints or illustrations. Can be one-piece or a composition—in this case, just take care not to “load” the Assembly with very different images or showy. The stickers must also have an appropriate proportion among themselves and in relation to the space to visual stay balanced. For example, you can create a Panel for the headboard, play games with figures that appear from behind a piece of furniture or even cover an entire wall. For this, plain colors and printed patterns or textures are good options.


Start at the top–it’s easier to come “down” and seating wall adhesive than do the opposite, from bottom to top, or side to side. Do not remove the protective paper all at once-only release a track in the end and secure it on the surface, smoothing it well with your fingers or a spatula. Go releasing the patch gradually, fixing and smoothing, always taking care not to form wrinkles or