Wall Mirrors: Where and How to Use Them

Mention here how to do it in 3 places which are very important: the bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom.

In the bathroom

Nothing better than a wall mirror to generate a sense of greater scope, increase brightness and get a touch of elegance. You can use it to cover aesthetically storage spaces (such as cabinets, for example). Another good idea is to install it, wall to wall, above the sink, as remzfamily suggests.

In the kitchen

Located behind the stove, the walls formed by mirrors tiles increase the beauty of the kitchen, since they considerably increase the lighting of the room and give a high sense of sophistication.

In the bedroom

Do not frame the head of your bed with a mirror? You’ll be amazed how will transform the appearance of the space; In addition, you will get a better light distribution. If you want greater range, place a mirror on one side of the room.

Avoid reflections when illuminated

Lighting and mirrors can make a daily stay in a place full of personality and prominence, only you take care that the reflections of the light are not front. A tip: seeks to reflect other points decorated and illuminated with accent lights. Want to know more about how to get that light is the best ally of your decor? Visit our site.