Wall Magazine Holders for the Home

I remember I was in the first year of university, when bought on his first pocket money cosmopolitan. Since then, much water has flowed, I have not read fashion magazines. Still, remnants of the former luxury was still lying somewhere in my bins. Throw a pity and move them from the shelf on the shelf, I order a bit tired.

“So why not come up with their decorative use?” – I thought, and went on a treasure hunt in a-z wall decals.
There I heard of such a thing as a holder for magazines . And not just learned … In recent days, I was so obsessed with these “handheld device” that I even managed to come up for you a classification of wall holders. And what came out of it, learn more:
Such an element of decor you may know from my childhood. The most commonly used in the toilet, but as you may have guessed from the photo below, in the bedroom, he may not be less appropriate.
Rack for magazines as a ladder for the person of the Soviet education may initially seem like some wild device used in the interior for other purposes. And who said it would be easy?
View most budget holder, but also the most incapacious. Advantages: no need to go far. Cons: someone in your family will have to get off the couch for a nail and a hammer. Chances are good that the process will drag on for years.
So decorative elements characteristic of visual lightness, ease and simplicity. Magazines like wind chimes hovering in the air, riveting eyes and calling the owner – stay and dream.