Vintage Style:How to Dress

Achieve a chic and vintage fashion style is to add the right amount of vintage pieces to contemporary looks and current trends. The vintage style has your special charm, but I don’t know how to combine the pieces can ruin your look. Check out some tips on how to dress vintage style.


  1. Vintage basicIf your vintage piece is simple and versatile, you can consider it a mainstay in your wardrobe Basic, which can be used to minimize or balance a dress or acts as a blank canvas for trendy clothes and accessories.

    Vintage blend with modern accessories

    Mix all your basic pieces vintage and add some modern accessories like platform sandals and a flashy clutch bag.

    Mixture of contemporary pieces with vintage accessories

    You can use a basic white dress and beautify yourself with unusual vintage accessories, such as turtle round sunglasses, a floral purse and a pair of lime green pumps.

  2. Vintage piece as focal pointIf the vintage piece is a conspicuous, as for example a multi-colored dress printed boho style, you can create a fashion statement with him, letting it shine as the focal point of your outfit. Just be sure to complement it with the basics, you can use basic vintage or new parts to it.

    Add basic accessories

    You must highlight the dress by adding basic wardrobe pieces, not to draw much attention, as simple jewelry in gold or silver and colored pumps solids, like for example black wedge shoes. You can use a basic belt to update the silhouette, adding a definition at the waist.

  3. Update your lookMix modern pieces to create a vintage look updated. Examples are the wider sweater, platform boots, shiny bracelet, etc.

    For example, you can combine some vintage shorts as focal piece and highlight it with a modern and striking color bracelet, that will accent and complement one of the colors of the shorts, along with the addition of a casual sweater and a pair of wedge platform boots and the ankle. The trick here is to ensure that the new pieces do not distract the attention of the vintage shorts. Think of accessories with modern forms, but in neutral tones or solid colors that blend (but accentuates) your parts vintages. are some simple tips on how to wear vintage style. As a general rule, just a vintage piece should be the focal point and be complemented with other parts and accessories that combine and highlight.