Vintage Horse Riding Clothing

Traditional tournament apparel for fashion-conscious riders

The total training with the horse aims in many cases, to compete with the horse in tournaments. There are approximately 3,700 tournaments where you can win a total prize money of about 30 million a year. Tournaments are also offered for dressage and show jumping, such as for the driving. There were chariot races for example already to Roman times in the Circus Maximus. Probably the most successful and known at the time was Incitatus, the horse of Roman emperor Caligula. Caligula the animal rich recipient out of love to his horse, and in recognition of his victories. Only the most exclusive things were good enough for the horse, such as E.g. a potion made of marble or a collar decorated with precious pearls. Love Caligula went as far as he wanted to let the horse to make the Senator for life. Whether this was an actual desire, or whether Caligula wanted to offend only the existing Senate, is not entirely clear until today. Today, horses are still very nice made at each tournament. The rider submits also this preparation. The equestrian traditionally carries in addition to the obligatory riding helmet and a white breeches, a Reitjacket. The color of the Reitjackets can be chosen by the riders, traditionally there were always black Frauenjackets and Red Männerjackets. Red jackets are common even today in fox hunting and the German national team. In dressage, riders wear white breeches and a black Tailcoat. The cylinder is very well known, but only from the L class. Both the professional and the novice can order the appropriate tournament clothing in our range. We offer training for professionals and beginners riding breeches, riding jacket, riding boots, horse riding helmet and riding gloves. Convince yourself of our quality.