Vera Wang Black Wedding Dress Joelle

What would you think if I told you that the latest trend wants to blacks wedding dresses? Perhaps many, many indeed, you would be horrified before this possibility, that of walking down the aisle with a totally black dress. The designer Vera Wang, however, that should not be at all superstitious, it proposed a collection of wedding dresses, really beautiful, totally blacks! You can see them in the image that we show: like all models of the designer Vera Wang, also have these beautiful cuts, pity about the color. There are women who do not dream the dress and put them a totally black can fit. How about?

The designer in his last show has sent down the catwalk in clothes from nine blacks bride. TheReligionFAQs says his decision by saying that the black color is a very sensual and mysterious and not necessarily due to a tragic event. Suffice it to say that in some parts of India, for the funeral, the women wear white for tradition.

There are other clothes, always in the collection, which keep the tradition of white but with dark detail and really unusual colors for the wedding.What do you think? Do you like the new trend launched by designer Vera Wang?