Urban Cycling Helmet

Before the great division of opinions and the great controversy regarding whether we do or not mandatory helmet in town, I found this urban cycling helmet, a very interesting option for the street bikers.

It is a prototype that could not be available commercially in its country. To this effect, I have added a series of urban cycling helmets that are a perfect alternative for those wishing to business models with immediate availability. You can find all the business information at the foot of this article.

At the moment, this under the drawer marked “why not”: A bicycle helmet with built-in safety lighting. That is the role of highlighting the urban cycling casdo “Urbanize N’Light Lazer Helmets”.
A town built and designed for commuting by bike in the inner city, with a white light in front and a red flashing light on the back.
A cyclist who use Urbanize N’Light, which costs $100, kills two birds with one shot security. The helmet protects the head in case of an accident, the small LED lights to keep it visible to cars during the evening on the road circulation.

It sounds funny, I know. But the Lazer helmet equipped light worked pretty slick in my opinion. Out of the box, modules of plastic light pop instead into the slots in the hull. There is a small switch on each side of the light so that they become from time to time.

Of course, this is not a helmet’s performance. N’Light Urbanize – which seems to be a cross of a ski helmet and some new school motocross – freestyle is voluminous and has only six holes of ventilation, too hot to intense rides, and much less strictly sporting purposes.

Compared with helmets of race to which I am accustomed, N’Light Urbanize is also heavy. It weighed 450 gr with all accessories of the lights.

But what lacks in performance, the town makes up for it with the greatest comfort. To go out at night, I could just throw this helmet and ride away-there is no need to connect the lights of my bike.

The helmet lights are shining in the darkness, but weak during the hours of sunshine. Do not serve to illuminate a dark path or or lacking in good visibility. Undoubtedly cars you will see much better at night.

Add additional lighting on the handlebars or the backpack from the back (CamelBack or similar) is never a bad idea. But I felt safe with only the flashing light of the helmet as a sign of my presence on the street.

Lazer includes its system of setting Rollsys in this town, with a turn of the wheel from the top that expands and contracts a headband for a custom fit. The padding of the helmet is removable and washable, facilitating the aliminacion of bacteria and fungi produced by sweating, which no doubt will make that not smell to skull burned after a few outings.

It comes in two sizes-XS-M and L-XL-to fit most heads of adults. I wish that there were more sizes, the helmet looked great in my head and it was in the smaller end of the range L-XL.

The company sells the N’Light Urbanize in eight colors, matte white color from green to a soft pink. Found me it very comfortable to moderate walks of the city, but is best left to move easy and occasional travel by night in the bike-red, white, flashing, and sure that I would have been otherwise.

Important note: helmet the subject of the present article may not be available commercially in your country. To this effect, I have added a series of urban cycling helmets that are a perfect alternative for those wishing to business models with immediate availability.
If the town you are looking for can’t find you in this selection, feel free to browse the options from Amazon to see different alternatives of models, colors and different designs.

Urban Cycling Helmets

It is the best selection of helmets for urban cyclists, as itypeauto says. Comfortable to carry in your head, even some are folding in order to be able to carry in a bag comfortably.