University of the United States Presents the First CPU

Have you ever imagined having access to a conventional desktop with a 1,000-core processor? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. The novelty developed by the University of California, United States, has the name of KiloCore and has impressive 10 hundreds of processing cores . Even though no software on the market is prepared to deal with so much processing power, the technology used in this CPU is not that far from becoming standard in the future.

University of the United States Presents the First CPU

Although it looks like a lot of firepower, the CPU is extremely useful for processing parallel tasks such as cryptography and scientific data. Another situation where so many cores can help is rendering content in high resolution – today, digital video content already exceeds 4K resolution. Even so, it’s worth noting that 1000 processing cores are useless if the editing software is not suited to use them.

Now, you should be thinking about the energy consumption of all this. Well, despite so many cores, the chip can handle up to 115 billion instructions per second at the same time while consuming just 0.7 W of electrical power. This happens thanks to a special feature that turns off cores individually when they are not in use according to TECHNOLOGY-WIKI.

And when will KiloCore hit the market?

It seems that, at least for now, we will not yet see this CPU for sale to the final consumer. One reason is the somewhat old manufacturing process, still in the 32 nm standard. Maybe a new version made at 14 nm can be even more efficient in the future. Even so, consuming so little energy, these chips can end up coming before smartphones, after all, with mobile devices becoming increasingly powerful, the energy consumption is a key factor for the future devices have high performance without sacrificing the autonomy of drums.