Understand the Differences Between the Two DSLR Cameras

Canon Rebel T6i and Rebel T6s are two key players in Canon’s line of semi-professional DSLRs.With only one letter of difference in the nomenclature of the two models, it can be difficult for those who are in doubt between one and another, to know what the differences are between the cameras and especially, if the generally higher price of the T6s is justifiable before that That the T6i offers.

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Next, you’ll know the differences that exist between the two cameras to understand if they are important to you when choosing one or the other.

Image quality

T6i and T6s have the same resolution, sensor and processor: Image quality should be basically the same on both cameras (Photo: Disclosure / Canon)

The first point to note between these two cameras is image quality.Both the T6i and T6s use the same image sensor and processor, offering the same maximum resolution of 24.4 megapixels.In summary, in photographic terms, the Canon Rebel T6i and T6s are capable of generating images of the same quality, since the components responsible for capturing and converting them into digital files are identical.

But in relation to the videos, there is a small advantage for the T6s.On this camera, video recording with HDR technology is supported for 1080p recordings, video resolution limit for both Rebel.

Conclusion: The image quality of the two cameras, with respect to photos, is the same.In terms of video, T6s have the advantage of supporting HDR.

T6s have more professional footprint

One of the great differences of the T6s is the small LCD display on the top of the camera.It stores a range of information about the camera settings before each shot: details of shutter speed, ISO, aperture, exposure, battery level, and available space on the card.This display does not exist on the T6i.

Canon Rabel T6s have better quality for videos

It seems superfluous, but it is the kind of resource that makes the difference for who has more knowledge and a more professional profile, to control all technical aspects related to photography.The T6i, without this feature, has a more casual stance, ideal for those who like to leave the settings all in automatic.

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Conclusion: The T6s make life easier for those who enjoy fine, precise control over camera settings and conditions of a photo.The T6i, on the other hand, is a simpler, more casual camera, aimed at those who prefer to leave everything automatic.

Accurate and responsive exposure control

Another difference between the T6i and the T6s concerns the dial present on the rear panel of the T6s.On the T6i, instead of the dial selector, there is a button that allows you to navigate through various camera functions.

In T6s, the dial is important because it allows the user to compensate exposure levels in real time, darkening or illuminating photos the instant the action happens.This type of feature, once again, makes a difference to who is more serious about photography and has a higher level of knowledge about photography.On the other hand, who likes to leave everything in charge of the camera will not find much use on the dial.

On the left, the T6i and, on the right, the T6s. Note that the T6s have a top-of-the-line LCD display and a selector dial that allows fine and light exposure adjustment at the time of shooting

Conclusion: The presence of the selector on the T6s is another feature that directs the camera to those who are more comfortable in taking full control over the photo, operating all the technical aspects of the camera.Without anything like that, the T6i turns to a profile of more casual use.


The price difference between the two cameras reflects the more professional direction of the T6s in contrast to the simpler and more casual approach of the T6i.In Brazil, it is common to find the T6s for prices in the house of R $ 3,500.On the other hand, the T6i may leave for R $ 2,500 in some cases, a considerable difference of R $ 1,000.

The difference is great, and if you take into account that the T6i, even much cheaper, should offer basically the same image quality as the T6s, it’s easy to see it as a superior cost-benefit proposition.However, if you have more artistic and/or professional ambitions about your photos, the T6s, even more expensive, will be a superior choice.